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(editorial) changes in mail handling

Hi all,

Currently, master.debian.org is solely responsible for routing of personal
debian.org mail ($username@debian.org). To get rid of this single point of
failure, we are moving mail handling to a resilient set of frontend mail

We have reviewed user mail handling in the debian.org mail domain in advance of
this change, and we think we have identified all of those who would have
issues, and contacted them.  The vast majority of users should see no
disruption or change.

If you wish to have a mail setup where you do filtering on the Debian side
(rather than just sending all mail onwards to your normal mail account), you
must set your LDAP forwarding to $username@master.debian.org and use .forward
or .procmail files to do the necessary filtering.  The majority of users who do
any sort of mail processing beyond forwarding already do this.

We are planning this change for Sunday, 7th of July.  Again, we do not expect
most users to notice any difference.  We will make a further announcement on
the day, and we would appreciate users with mail setups that rely on features
beyond forwarding (.forward-* files, .procmailrc, bsmtp, etc) to check over
things to make sure things are still working as expected.  Of course, if you
get the mail about the announcement, they probably are :)

The mail gremlins, on behalf of DSA
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