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man-da maintenance window at February 22nd, 2013


we will deploy two UPS's and PDUs at our rack at man-da on February
22nd.  Since this will require re-racking some gear we expect a downtime
of most, if not all, of our servers during that day starting at 1100Z.

The new hardware has been generously donated by Eaton Power.  Thanks!

A number of services, like www.debian.org and central DNS, are location
redundant, so man-da going away will not make the service unavailable to
users. Some infrastructure, such as lists.debian.org, wiki.debian.org
or db.debian.org, is only available at this location and might,
therefore, not work during the above timeframe.

A list of affected Debian machines and services can be found below[1].

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact DSA at

For DSA,

[1] List of affected Debian systems/services:

- rem.debian.org
- ball.debian.org
- arcadelt.debian.org
- fils.debian.org
- eccles.debian.org

- agricola.debian.org

- wilder.debian.org
  * wiki.debian.org
- vento.debian.org
  * vote.debian.org
- lully.debian.org
  * central log server
- bendel.debian.org
  * lists.debian.org
- unger.debian.org
  * kvm host
- clementi.debian.org
  * kvm host
- handel.debian.org
  * puppet master
- geo1.debian.org
  * GeoIP DNS for Debian services
- draghi.debian.org
  * db.debian.org - account directory
- kaufmann.debian.org
  * keyring.debian.org - keyring directory
- diamond.debian.org
  * DNS
- czerny.debian.org
  * kvm host
- new-master.debian.org

- apu.debconf.org
- smithers.debconf.org
- wiggum.debconf.org
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