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moving ravel and master to squeeze


we have upgraded a lot of our infrastructure to stable already, but a
few machines are still on lenny.

The upcoming upgrade of ravel and master might affect a few of you,
hence this quick heads-up.

We plan to upgrade ravel.debian.org to squeeze either tomorrow,
Wednesday, or on Thursday.  This server provides, among other services,
http://people.debian.org/, ssh.upload.debian.org,
http://d-i.debian.org/, and the local ftp-archive mirror at UBC-ECE.

Downtime shouldn't be much longer than an hour or two.

The other machine, master.debian.org, does all the @debian.org mail and
has DD accessible archives of some role accounts and debian mailing
lists.  Upgrade is scheduled for some point during either the upcoming
weekend or the one after that.

Please contact debian-admin@lists.debian.org if there's anything we need
to be aware of.  For discussions debian-project is probably appropriate.


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