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Most machines back

On Fri, 23 Apr 2010, Martin Zobel-Helas wrote:

> We currently are in the process of rebooting and fixing the machines,
> but the sheer number of hosts that need to be fixed mean that it will
> take some time.

As of about two hours ago most of our systems are back.  These are
systems for which we have good out-of-band (OOB) access and/or dedicated
and fast local admins (thanks!).

It turns out our OOB and contact documentation was reasonably good
overall, never having been tested like this in recent history.

Currently all Linux hosts at grnet are still unusable because getting to
the OOB requires at least one machine still working and our sheer
efficienty resulted in not having that.  The hosts running a freebsd
kernel (and thus never having had irqbalance) are still working, but
they have no access to the management network unfortunately.

The most visible service at grnet is buildd.d.o, running on grieg.  We
anticipate somebody will be able to reset it Monday.

The wiki.debian.org service runs on widor which should be back tomorrow
morning (European).

Other hosts that are currently down due to this are ball, tartini
(forums), praetorius, purcell, stabile, zandonai and zelenka.  We expect
them to be brought back in the next couple of days.  We're obviously
trying for sooner rather than later.


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