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raff.debian.org about to be shut down


we are re-purposing raff.debian.org as a new security mirror to be
shipped to South America. The raff.debian.org most of you have used as
buildd.debian.org in the past will cease to exist in the near future.

raff.debian.org will cease acting as a dns server for the debian.org 
zone in a few days, therfore we will add two new hosts, senfl.d.o and

All other services formerly hosted on raff.d.o should have been already
moved by now, we just want to encourage those of you who had a login on
raff, to backup you home directory if you care of the data stored there,
as we will not move that.

Current plan is to shut down current raff by end of the year (so in about
7 days).

On behalf of the Debian Sysadmin Team,

Martin Zobel-Helas

 Martin Zobel-Helas <zobel@debian.org>  | Debian System Administrator
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