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Hardware at UBCECE partly down


it seems we have lost the link to one of the server rooms at UBCECE. The
effected room hosts the following machines:

* bellini.debian.org (lintian.debian.org, popcon.debian.org, mirror of
* brahms.debian.org (amd64 buildd)
* cimarosa.debian.org (buildd.debian.org)
* dijkstra.debian.org (kvm master host)
* duarte.debian.org (bugs.debian.org webfrontend)
* geo2.debian.org (GeoIP DNS for Debian services)
* morricone.debian.org (backports.debian.org)
* paganini.debian.org 
* ravel.debian.org (people.debian.org)
* respighi.debian.org (patch-tracker.debian.org)
* stabile.debian.org (morgue.debian.org, snapshot.debian.org)
* valente.debian.org (volatile-master.debian.org, volatile.debian.org)
* wolkenstein.debian.org (deb-www test host)

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