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Darmstadt network downtime 2008-03-29 - affects lists and more


the Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt (MAN-DA) will be working on
their uplink fibers today, 2008-03-29 between 0630 and 1700Z.  All
our machines in their network will be unreachable for this time.

Affected systems are liszt, sperger, bartok, agricola and arcadelt.

Of those liszt, the debian mailinglist server, will affect most of you,
so just take today off and take your SO to the park on this nice
spring/fall day - no list mail for you.

The machines sperger and agricola are developer accessible porter
machines for sparc and armel respectively, arcadelt is an armel
buildd and bartok is the debian.org backup host.

There is some debian related infrastructure hosted at MAN-DA also.

This includes parts of the buildd infrastructure for the experimental
suite of the archive (see experimental.debian.net), some of the
debconf.org infrastructure, including gallery.debconf.org and
lists.debconf.org, which is also lists.backports.org.  Furthermore
times.debian.net, amd64.debian.net, and teams.debian.net.

These likewise will be unavailable.


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