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armel developer accessible machine available


The Debian arm porters are pleased to announce that there is now a
Debian armel machine available to the Debian developers.

The machine name is "agricola.debian.org". It is kindly hosted by
"Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt[1]". We would like to thank them
for their contributions to the Debian Project.

The machine is accessible to Debian developers, and can be accessed like
every other developer accessable machine. SSH host fingerprints are:
  ssh-rsa 74:5b:e9:b5:e4:77:0b:90:3b:d7:83:bd:a1:3b:cb:d0
  ssh-dss cf:19:62:90:74:15:95:3e:b7:3d:d0:f5:5a:f0:52:38

If you need to contact the admins (e.g. if you need a package to be
installed), send your mail to debian-admin@lists.debian.org or open a
ticket in the Request Tracker [3].

Martin Zobel-Helas

[1] http://www.man-da.de/
[2] http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi?host=agricola
[3] https://rt.debian.org/
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