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please clean up your home directory on gluck (people.d.o)

Once again the filesystem that hosts /org and /home on gluck.debian.org
(aka people.debian.org and cvs.debian.org) was coming close to being

Black choppers have been dispatched to some offenders and with the help
of elite units we already have reclaimed some disk space but there's
probably still a lot of stuff just that we could do without.

So, please check if there is anything in your home directory (or in one
of the /org/ directories that you work on) that you no longer need or
that you didn't even know about and don't want anyway (Like that 1.5
gigabyte spam folder that just happens to have accumulated).

Please remove that cruft.


PS: While 600 gigs may seem large, over half of it is used by the
archive mirror (that isn't easy to get rid of) and some other things in
/org, leaving the over 1000 developer accounts with only a mere 250 gigs
amoung them.  So please be considerate with your use of disk space.

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