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merkel upgraded to etch; porter chroots; backups


people have been pestering me to write this up, so here goes:

.) merkel has been upgraded to etch yesterday.  That probably means that
   ftp postgres database syncing from ftp-master works again, or will
   shortly.  nm and qa websites seem to more or less still work too, if
   you notice any oddities please contact the team responsible for that

.) We once again have current chroots for most archs that released with
   etch, mipsel being the only exception due to hardware/stability
   issues (see RT#246 for details).  http://db.debian.org/machines.cgi
   has a list of developer accessible porter machines.  You should
   already know that to get build dependencies installed just mail
   debian-admin@l.d.o, create a ticket in RT, or hunt one of us down on
   IRC and offer an appropriate bribe.

.) Backups.  Not everybody seems to be aware of DSA's backup policy of
   debian.org machines.  The short version is that home directories are
   never backuped.  We and our sponsors do not have the resources for
   that.  If you have anything there that you care about you should keep
   backups yourself.

   We do make backups of selected trees under /srv or /org.  If there
   is stuff that you care about and that would be gone forever if that
   machine ate its filesystem or burst into flames then those files
   probably belong somewhere below /srv/$service.debian.org/.  Also
   _you_ should check if that tree is being backuped.  Go to the
   /etc/da-backup/ directory and look for your tree.  If it's not there,
   file a ticket in RT.


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