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Re: New working ia64 installer images available


On 4/17/21 8:58 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Today's installer images for ia64 [1] include a fix for GRUB so that the
> images are finally bootable again. Since the 5.10 kernel in use already
> contains a lot of ia64 fixes, it will work on many ia64 machines already
> except for larger machines like the RX2800 which require at least kernel
> 5.12.

Just to confirm: I built and installed kernel 5.12-rc8 on an RX2800 today and
it boots fine without any additional patches. That means once 5.12 hits Debian
unstable, we will have working installer images for RX2800 and similar machines
again for the first time since Debian Wheezy (or even Squeeze since Wheezy had
elilo issues on some of these machines).


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