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Re: RFC: Deprecate ia64 in glibc 2.34

On 2/1/21 8:36 AM, Florian Weimer via Libc-alpha wrote:
   [PATCH] NEWS: Deprecate ia64-linux-gnu

Consensus was not to deprecate the architecture, I think.  But the
binutils deprecation wasn't mentioned in the discussion.

I just now reviewed that thread, and in it Adhemerval mentioned binutils' ia64 support as an argument for sticking with ia64 in glibc. If binutils has deprecated, that argument goes away.

That thread also mentioned that Jason Duerstock volunteered in July 2019 to be the ia64 maintainer for GCC. However, although he submitted copyright paperwork I don't see any commits by him in GCC master, and the debian-ia64@lists.debian.org archive contains no email from him since then, neither of which is a good sign.

I'll cc this email to debian-ia64 to see if anyone there has further info re GCC on ia64.

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