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ia64 SE Linux support


Currently ia64 seems to be the only architecture that you can't run SE Linux 
on, and the problem is gem2deb.  The libselinux source package has a <!noruby> 
option in debian/control, is it possible and reasonable to enable that for 
ia64 to get it to build without Ruby support?  It appears that nothing in 
Debian depends on the ruby-selinux package and only one package even 
recommends it.

Also it seems that qemu support for ia64 has been dropped, is there an 
emulator that's usable and available?  Can you use the old version of qemu 
before it was dropped to run it?  I've got SE Linux running on s390x, ppc64, 
and riscv64 with qemu and would like to do the same with ia64.

I'd like to get SE Linux usable in ia64 in time for bullseye, but without risk 
of messing up the other architectures.

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