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Re: Bug#963109: libreoffice: Please drop clang from build-dependencies for alpha and ia64

On 6/19/20 10:08 AM, rene@rene-engelhard.de wrote:
> Am 19. Juni 2020 09:58:34 MESZ schrieb John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <glaubitz@physik.fu-berlin.de>:
>> clang isn’t required to build libreoffice [1], it’s just recommend.
> I know. That is even documented:
> https://salsa.debian.org/libreoffice-team/libreoffice/libreoffice/-/blob/debian-experimental-7.0/rules
> Line 617ff.

So nothing that keeps us from using GCC in cases where clang is not available.

>> Not sure why you want to enforce architectures off libreoffice when
>> it’s technically not necessary.
> Read the comment.

That's just your personal way of implementing it. It's not mandatory to do it
this way. You can just create a simple whitelist where clang is always enabled
and disabled on any other architecture. It's not really rocket science.

> Besides that it is obsolete non-release architectures. It's not armel where
> I might need to think of a plan b given the FTBFS...
Asking me (and the other porters) to port LLVM to a given architecture when it's
actually a tremendous work effort because you insist on using clang even if there
are no valid technical reasons, is not what I consider to be cooperative and
fair in an open-source community.

It's also not a given that clang generates faster code on _any_ given architecture,
it might be true for x86_64, but not necessarily for armhf or s390x.


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