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dbgserver internal error.




I pulled the gdb-source package and built gdbserver.


It builds fine, without any problems. It even starts perfectly:


pmsjt@ptrx2660:~/develop/gdb/gdb/gdbserver$ ./gdbserver localhost:1234 /usr/bin/bash

Process /usr/bin/bash created; pid = 20065

Listening on port 1234


But when I connect to it, it fails with an internal error:


Remote debugging from host

tdesc.c:166: A problem internal to GDBserver has been detected.

const char* tdesc_get_features_xml(const target_desc*): Assertion `tdesc->xmltarget != NULL || (!tdesc->features.empty () && tdesc->arch != NULL)' failed.



Looks like some platform descriptive files have been deleted for ia64. I assume this is known. Is there a workaround people are currently using or are we just deprived from gdb for now?






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