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Re: IA-64 GCC deprecation?

On 6/14/19 16:29, Jason Duerstock wrote:
Is there any reason I couldn't become the ia64 maintainer, assuming
there was someone available to act as my general gcc mentor?

That's great news! Thanks, Jason, for taking over maintenance and
thanks, Jim, for keeping it alive until recently.

Also, my thanks to all people involved in getting Debian back on ia64,
that's - again - Jason, Adrian and James and possibly many more.

My Integrities are looking forward into a bright future. :-D And I hope
that my descendants will still be able to use them for their liking.

Because as long as there's software for a specific hardware, that
hardware **is** useful IMHO. Devaluation of hardware in my eyes does not
come through so-called product obsolescence - hardware never has any
practical value without software - but by "trashing" key software which
originally was created with a lot of effort.


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