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Re: Ruby on ia64 (was "Is IA64 still relevant?")

On 6/2/19 3:24 PM, Antonio Terceiro wrote:
>> No one on the core team has the hardware to test it AFAIK.

The gcc compile farm has porterboxes for which any open source developer
can request access to. So, you can at least test on the architectures available

We might add an ia64 box there in the future, but for the time being I'm happy
to create an account on an ia64 porterbox for anyone who needs access to it.

> ia64 is no longer an official Debian architecture, what means that
> issues on ia64 are not considered blockers for a Debian release. As the
> Debian ruby maintainer, I no longer care about ia64 myself.
> However, there is still a group of porters who do care about it, and as
> long as they are testing it and providing me patches, I'm happy to apply
> them. In fact, I have just made a new upload to Debian that applies an
> ia64-specific patch.

ia64 is also still maintained in Gentoo (CC slyfox).


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