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Re: ports/ia64: klibc-utils in Sid should use static binaries

Hi Frank!

On 06/02/2018 09:31 PM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
> [2]: https://salsa.debian.org/kernel-team/klibc/commit/07809ffd86e1e4ca5a4e98e4708a1c1fae10babf
> I don't have a clue how to rebuild the `klibc-utils` package in this Sid FS with some of the build dependencies missing. So could someone please rebuild them with the ia64 parts of [2] reverted and upload a new package to ftp.p.d.o?

Which build dependencies are you missing? I just did a test build
with sbuild and the build dependencies install just fine without
any issues.

Note: You can always get older versions of certain packages from
snapshot.debian.org in case you run into a situation where build
dependencies cannot be installed.

Also, you should create an account on salsa.debian.org, fork the
klibc repository into your own salsa home, create a branch for the
ia64-fix, revert the patch and send a pull request to Ben.

Please don't forget to add an entry to debian/changelog with
"dch", but I think you're familiar with that already.


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