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Re: Bug#711135: Re: compiling a bootable kernel for ia64 (itanium2, mckinley, rx2620)

Am 14.02.2018 um 14:46 schrieb Jason Duerstock:
Hi Pedro,

Can you try booting this ISO and let us know what happens?



On Wed, Feb 14, 2018 at 2:52 AM, Pedro Miguel Teixeira <pmsjt@texair.net> wrote:

Hi Emeric.

The machine has no iLO card, so it can’t be because of it. As far as I can
tell, either ELILO never gets to pass control to the kernel, or the kernel
never gets to output the 1st message.


From: Émeric MASCHINO
Sent: Tuesday, February 13, 2018 23:43
To: Pedro Miguel Teixeira
Cc: Jason Duerstock; Gatis Visnevskis; Ivan Zakharyaschev; debian-ia64;

Subject: Re: Bug#711135: Re: compiling a bootable kernel for ia64 (itanium2,
mckinley, rx2620)

Well, problem is then likely with iLO card or serial console.
Indeed, I'm daily using a zx6000 workstation for years, being with
Debian for more than a decade, now with Gentoo since Debian has killed
the plug on ia64 in 2013.
I have no problem booting/using it locally (GNOME 3.24 desktop
environment) with kernels 4.9.76 and 4.12.12. Kernels were compiled
either with GCC 4.5.4 (because of a nasty error with GDB that
sometimes segfaults when kernels i compiled with GCC > 4.5) or 6.2.0.

2018-02-14 1:41 GMT+01:00 Pedro Miguel Teixeira <pmsjt@texair.net>:

Hi Jason.

That was close – I was really about to send the zx6000 onto the tech

The following is all I get coming out from the console (Serial A, since
zx6000 does not have a management card / iLO). After the initrd line
a good 5 seconds pass. Then the front panel becomes all red and the
modem-style sounds come out. I’ve wondered about the health of both my
and Kernel, but my rx2660 boots fine with the exact the same two.

EFI Boot Manager ver 1.10 [14.61]  Firmware ver 2.31 [4411]

Loading device drivers

Loading.: Auxiliary Floating Point Driver

Load of Auxiliary Floating Point Driver failed: Not Found

EFI Boot Manager ver 1.10 [14.61]  Firmware ver 2.31 [4411]

Please select a boot option

     Windows Boot Manager


     EFI Shell [Built-in]

     Removable Media

     Boot Option Maintenance Menu

     System Configuration Menu

     Use ^ and v to change option(s). Use Enter to select an option

Loading.: Debian

Starting: Debian

ELILO v3.14 for EFI/IA-64


Uncompressing Linux... done

Loading file \EFI\debian\initrd.img...done

This is the same wrong behavior with my zx2000 Itanium machine.
I was able to install the latest debian distribution.
I managed to update the kernel by hand but all the other software
gets no update because Debian stops the IA64 support.

The crash happens on a very early stage where no debug message
been produced by the starting process.


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