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Re: Bug#885931: gcc-7: Please modify gcc-7 to use internal libunwind for ia64 cross-builds

On 31.12.2017 15:02, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
> Source: gcc-7
> Version: 7.2.0-18
> Severity: normal
> Tags: patch
> User: debian-ia64@lists.debian.org
> Usertags: ia64
> Hi!
> Like with gcc-6 in #885428, we need to patch src:gcc-7 to use the
> internal libunwind library when cross-building for a ia64 target.
> The attached patch makes the necessary modifications which have
> been verified to work in rebootstrap. A second patch by James
> Clarke is necessary to modify some linker flags for building
> the internal libunwind. I will file a second bug report for that.

this patch is not tested at all.  It breaks the build on all architectures
besides ia64. And it breaks the build on ia64 using system libunwind as well.
So how was this tested?

Not amused, Matthias

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