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Make Sheepshaver work again on PowerPc Hw

Hi all, 

because  MacOnLinux dont work on  book3e platform i was concentrating for have a little opportunity for

have the old Sheepshaver working on Linux PPC .

I found a way for have it build and right running, but this only in emulation mode. the real mode continue not working  because Sheepthread.c is not compatible with 

the new pthread structure and im not a developer for fix it.

But in emulation mode you will be able to  have macos 8.x to 9.04 run on Linux PPC with good performance and without crash issues. 

The way is really simple is need just to clone from the official sheepshaver github 

and configure in the src/unix like this

./configure --enable-sdl-audio --enable-sdl-video --without-mon --disable-vosf --enable-ppc-emulator --enable-addressing=direct,0x20000000

you will have a full sheepshaver working again.

happy MacOs

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