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Buildd alkman [ia64]: No space left on device while setting up sbuild chroot


The ia64 builds of hugin on alkman have been failing on Nov 9th,
12th and 15th with a disk-space error (it's succeeded today on a
different buildd).

I'm thinking that some of the other failed builds on alkman might
also be caused by running out of disk space, but without the
obviousness of hugin's build log:


sbuild (Debian sbuild) 0.64.0 (17 May 2013) on alkman.debian.org 
E: 05file: mkdir: cannot create directory `/srv/build-unpack/sid-ia64-sbuild-d36530a6-f08f-438d-b3ca-c4d3fc8b69c0': No space left on device
E: sid-ia64-sbuild-d36530a6-f08f-438d-b3ca-c4d3fc8b69c0: Chroot setup failed: stage=setup-start
Chroot setup failed


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