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Re: Help needed installing Wheezy on SGI Altix

Hi BJ,

I read a successful report of an Altix 4700 booting with a Debian "squeeze" kernel and running that. Maybe try that -- you can always upgrade to "wheezy" once it is installed, but having a stable kernel to work off of would be the best start. You'll probably need to do a custom kernel compile anyways -- stock kernels rarely support > 64 CPUs.


On Fri, Jun 14, 2013 at 9:56 AM, Lougee, BJ A Civ USAF AFMC 559 SMXS/MXDECC <BJ.Lougee@tinker.af.mil> wrote:
My work has just acquired some SGI Altix 4700s recently.
We don't have the money for RHEL or SLES so I choose Debian.
However, I am running into issues getting past Uncompressing Linux phase
of the booting process.
For the elilo command I have used:

fs0:\> elilo
fs0:\> elilo -r

I can get to the install screen fine with either of them.
At install screen I have typed these params as well.


With all the above with various combinations it always fails with this

Uncompressing Linux... done
Loading file \initrd.gz... done
POD entered via MCA, using Cac mode
0 000: POD SysCt Cac>

I have entered some command to find out why I failed out to the PROM
Debugger with these command with the resulting output:

0 000: POD SysCt Cac>error

Index   time stamp              Type    component       subcomponent
0       0x000000db6b6ea207      MD_HW   051.21^1#0      Non-existent
Memory Address Error
1       0x000000e01c1bba06      PI_HW           051.21^1#0      RRB
Time-out Error
2       0x000000e01c3b1900      PROC_MCA        051.21^1#0a     Bus

0 000: POD SysCt Cac>why

Reason: MCA
Processor State:
Iip :   0x00000018026e8830 iipa : 0x00000018026e8820
Ipsr :  0x0000100001006018
    little endian
    alignment check enabled
    lower fp (f2..f31) written
   interrupt collection enabled
   external interrupts enabled
   data translation disabled
   debug breakup fault enabled
   register stack translation disabled
   current privilege level: 0
   IA64 instruction set
   instruction address translation disabled
   restart instruction slot: 0
   register bank: 1
isr:    0x0000000000000000
   excepting instruction slot: 0
  excepting deferral: 0

<Snip ... lots of Hex dump with memory stack stuff...>

Any pointers/help would be helpful.

Thank you,

BJ Lougee

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