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Re: HP RX2620 don't boot wheezy

I think it isn't a known problem, which you are experiencing.

Since the details arent' clear for me yet, please, could you give some more information?

When you tried a fresh install of Wheezy ...
- What CD image did you use? If it is a weekly build, the build date would be relevant as well. - The CD boots; you see the boot menu with the options "Install/ Install [Expert mode]/ Rescue". You choose "Install" or "Install [Expert mode]. Did you see
Uncompressing Linux... done
Loading file \initrd.gz...done
... and a lot of messages of the starting kernel?
- The main menu of the Installer appears at next. Did you see it?

I try install by netinst CD and via a upgrade from squeeze, in both I have
problems in the initrd step
Did you have trouble when the initrd is being *installed* by the installer or during the dist-upgrade - or - when you attempt to *boot up* subsequently?
What error messages of the installer did you see?
What error messages during the dist-upgrade did you see?

When booting of the *installed* kernel/initrd failed, did you see the messages:
- one line with the ELILO version number "3.14",
- Uncompressing Linux... done
- Loading file \initrd.gz...done
- a lot of messages of the starting kernel?
You have to give me four answers here ;-); one answer for each bullet.

Did you use a local display and keyboard (connected with a VGA/USB cable) or just a tty? (I'd prefer a local display in order to examine the problem.)


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