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R: Apt-get dist-upgrade squeeze->wheezy

Hi Émeric,

after writing previous mail, I tried to download latest netboot.tar.gz for wheezy and copying to /boot/efi/debian-installer  (using cowboyhat)
and luckily this one booted correctly ( I haven't check but I hope it was 3.2 kernel).

I used rescue mode, chrooted to existing installation and upgraded new packages (but no new kernel available).

Tomorrow I would like to use netboot Install option to update..  maybe it will work.


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Oggetto: Re: Apt-get dist-upgrade squeeze->wheezy


> If I boot old installed squeeze kernel I get a loop of:
> udevd[437]: unable to receive ctrl connection: Function not
> implemented

This has been fixed in recent kernels. See

> Do you have any idea how to go on ?

I can imagine two workarounds:
- either keep you current Squeeze kernel and downgrade udev (and related packages) to the previous version (that did not require kernel's accept4 syscall)
- or keep your current udev and upgrade to a newer kernel (backported from Wheezy if necessary) that implement accept4 syscall.

In both scenarii, you probably need to perform the downgrade/upgrade from a chroot environment.

On my side, I originally installed Wheezy months (years?) ago using debootstrap from a working minimal Squeeze installation (pre-udev issue however) on a separate HDD.

Perhaps can you follow the same (long) route?


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