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Re: Debian IA-64


On 28-6-2012 23:52, Émeric Maschino wrote:
Yes, I'm running the McKinley kernel.

So was I the other day, in a HPVM guest.  I also downloaded an
archived Debian V5.0.9 installation DVD.  It installed just
fine.  From there, I intend to 'upgrade' to V6.0.5, also with
DVDs.  Although, before I do that, I'm going to try to install
the HPVM Linux guest AVIO ethernet driver and I'll see how that

A while back, I hope the person has been reading the mailing
list (or Usenet) in the meantime, I was approached if I could
try Allegro.  I think I can simply provide a HPVM Debian
Linux IA-64 guest, instead.

I didn't got my zx6000 with so much memory. I had the
opportunity to max it out at a very good price

Good to hear, same here by the way!  PC2100 ECC-registered
DIMMs can, still, be quite expensive.  (Even more so than
DDR2, DDR3 and so forth, amazingly.)

This may be a track to follow. I don't have a MP card in my
zx6000 and seem to experience less issues than you ;-)

That was quite common, that the zx6000 didn't have the iLO/
MP card.  I'm not sure if I feel much for taking mine out,
especially as I've grown rather attached to iLO.

I should add that, since the switch to Mesa 8.0, 3D hardware
acceleration is once again badly broken :-(

I'll try AGP in one of my rx2620s again, just to be totally sure.
I'm going to write this down and look into it.

While simple GL applications like glxgears run flawlessly, Quake
III demo freezes the system within seconds, monitor enters in
sleep mode and a hard reset finally occurs. With orphan inodes
deleted at next boot...

Did you already manage to track down, from logs or so, what may
have caused this?

Yes, my Windows install is "up to date" (support was killed in 2004
IIRC), though the 16GB limit is still there.

No, actually, I meant Windows Server 2003 Service Packs!  You can,
with a trick, actually install those.  Windows XP IA-64 becomes a
lot more usable then!  This is the Debian IA-64 list, maybe you
should e-mail me privately for more information.

There is such a website: The Gelato Community --- Linux on Itanium
(http://www.gelato.org) but it seems unmaintained nowadays and the
old forums have disappeared. I remember some interesting discussions
there with David Mosberger or Bjorn Helgaas, circa 2007...

I came across that site already a year, maybe two by now, ago.  Back
then it was already rather dead.

Debian Linux IA-64 isn't, though and I'll try to do my best to keep
it that way.

By the way, if you're --- or anyone else is --- interested to see
what Debian V5.0.9 looks like running on "Montecito" inside a HPVM
guest, please let me know and I'll create a SSH shell account for
you.  (Or any other operating system, if you'd like to see those.)

Kind regards,


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