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Re: Install Fails on Debian 6.0.5 on an IA64 server

On 28-6-2012 14:01, Gary S Moyer wrote:
I am trying to install Debian 6.0.5 on a HP RX2660 IA64 server. I get
the following error during the install process

Nice system you got there, would you care to share some of the
specifications with us?  (Purely out of curiosity.)

No boot partitions detected

There were no suitable partitions found for elilo to use. Elilo

needs a partition with a FAT file system, and the boot flag set.

I am using the guided partition method and using a single mount point
for /. During the install process it shows the EFI partition being
created and formatted as partition #1.

Any ideas?

This is a known defect of >5.0.3 releases of Debian IA-64.  You
can fix this manually, look up the excellent posts by Émeric
Maschino in the debian-ia64 archive, or via Usenet (i.e. via
Google Groups) at: linux.debian.ports.ia64

 - MG

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