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ruby-ffi on ia64: weird test failure

Dear ia64 porters,

I need your help with #642267. It is a test suite failure that causes
the package to FTBFS on ia64. Basically a struct is being returned from
a C function, and this function is bound as a Ruby method using FFI.
When the resulting data is read from Ruby, the struct components are
being totally messed up -- but only on ia64.

I am attaching a test script that will reproduce the problem. It will
first build everything that is needed and then perform the actual test.
A second run will have a cleaner output since it will skip the building

The equivalent test in the package test suite passes on *all* official
Debian architectures but not on ia64.

To run the test script:

0) get the ruby-ffi source from unstable and install build dependencies
   (the sid chroot on merulo.debian.org already has the build
   dependencies installed)
1) run the attached script from the root directory of the source with
   `ruby`, e.g. `ruby /tmp/ruby-ffi-test-ia64.rb`. It doesn't matter
   whether you use Ruby 1.8 or 1.9, both produce the same result.

It would be nice if you could help me with this.


(not subscribed to the list, please keep myself and the bug report in copy)

Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org>

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