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Re: DRM/DRI accelerated (3D) graphics?

Dear Émeric,

First off, best wishes for 2012!

On 18-12-2011 11:42, Émeric Maschino wrote:
I'm running a hp workstation zx6000 sporting a ATI FireGL X1 AGP
graphics adapter.

I have one of those FireGL X1 (X1-256) AGP cards as well.  Though,
I've been taking more of an interest for the Radeon HD5450 as of
late, especially since AGP is not officially supported for the
rx2620 and problems may arise.  (It, for one thing, doesn't seem
so stable; HP-UX seems to be confused, though I could be mistaken
and it may've been something else instead.)

I bet that you only get 2D hardware acceleration on OpenVMS with
Radeon 7000 range of hardware.

Yes, like under Linux pretty much, but with the 7500 there's OpenGL
(or "Open3D") 3D hardware acceleration though.  (Ever since VMS
Alpha V7.3-1, if I'm not mistaken.)

Since then, stability issues are back (e.g. random freezes in ioQuake3
demo playback or WebGL conformance test run), but I can't track the
culprit down. This seems to be related to Gallium3D or relationships
between the r300g driver and the kernel, but due to initramfs-tools
0.98.8 preventing me from testing post-2.6.38 kernel ()

Sad to hear!

Yes, the missing cmd64x driver is back again in the 6.0.3 install media.

Well, that's then good to hear.  Is anything else new in the meantime?
I'm about to give it a try again.  I downloaded a fresh net-inst CD ISO
image, about to burn it and give it a go.

Kind regards,


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