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Re: DRM/DRI accelerated (3D) graphics?

Dear Émeric,

First off, excuse me for the long 'radio silence'. I have been very busy with
university and what time I spent on my IA-64 hardware was mostly with

About Linux IA-64 and accelerated graphics, has there been news to report
as of late?

I think it's perhaps best if I do a complete reinstall one of these days. Are
much of the mentioned fixes included with the "testing" distribution?  In
other words, what would you recommend me?

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,


On 4-10-2011 20:32, Émeric Maschino wrote:
Hi Marco,

2011/10/1 MG<marcogb@xs4all.nl>:
Dear Émeric et al,

Unfortunately, I still hadn't had time yet to reinstall Debian yet.
In the meantime, could you perhaps publish screenshots?
Well, sure, I can. But what kind of screenshot do you need?

Also, besides the FireGL X1, what are the chances for the HD5450?
Is HD5450 managed by r300[g] driver?

I would definitely stay with something running with r300[g] at this
time: 3D hardware acceleration was broken on ia64 for a very long time
(roughly 4 years) but now, with KMS and r300g, everything is back and
seems pretty stable. I'm not sure this is the case with r600 graphics
adapters, most notably for ia64 systems. Just my 0.2...


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