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Re: DRM/DRI accelerated (3D) graphics?

Hi Alan,

> [drm:radeon_agp_init] *ERROR* Unable to acquire AGP: -19
> This error is always there no matter the patch or not.

Good news at tleast that the patch isn't introducing a new regression.

About this error, did you check that the hp zx1 AGP GART is either
compiled into the kernel or as a module AND loaded into memory (lsmod
| grep hp-agp)?

> More annoyingly I get a corrupted display even in GLXGears with the R300
> (although 700fps) where I was getting perfect image but 400fps on the RV610.
> I cannot understand why the R300 is still getting the corrupted display,
> it got it without any recompiling (which I have done now many times to
> test the above) even when just swapping the cards over (same driver so
> should work).

Is it with current Mesa? I also had screen corruption with my FireGL
X1, but the problem has been fixed by now


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