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status of ruby 1.9.1 wrt porting


Ruby 1.9.3 is going to be released in september, and is a candidate for
the default ruby version in wheezy. A snapshot is available in
experimental. Now is an ideal time to work on porting issues and get the
fixes integrated upstream. Ruby has a fairly large test suite, which
makes finding problems easy, but exercises the threading library in
interesting ways.

Most of the issues are reproducible by re-building the Debian package.
Use make && make test to get a shorter build.

Here is the current complete list of issues I'm aware of. My time will
be very limited in the coming weeks, but I will try my best to provide

[armel,sparc] FTBFS due to miscompilation with -ftree-sra (inc. in -O3).
See http://bugs.debian.org/635126.
Currently worked-around by using -fno-tree-sra.
Other packages might be affected.
-> FIXED from ruby1.9.1's POV, but you really want to look at this
   for other packages.

[armel] I've just seen that now that this one is fixed, the test suite
search for 'TestFiber#test_many_fibers'.
'make test-all' to reproduce. Failures during test-all are currently not
fatal. The remaining ones needs more investigation, but I don't think
that they are arch-specific. I'd like to make test-all failures fatal at
some point.

[sparc] continuations are completely broken.
See http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/5244 (minimal test case

[ia64] crashes during test suite, linked to continuations according to
See http://redmine.ruby-lang.org/issues/5246. 'make test' to reproduce.
Might be related to the sparc problem above.

[kfreebsd] waitpid from threads problem
Will add a patch in test suite runner to work-around this
-> FIXED from ruby1.9.1's POV.

[kfreebsd] mmap() with MAP_STACK requires non-null first arg
patch will be applied upstream, added to Debian package in the meantime
-> FIXED from ruby1.9.1's POV.

[kfreebsd] thread-related hangs
bisected the upstream commit.
Petr Salinger working on a fix, see

I've just uploaded (to experimental) a new version fixing the issues marked FIXED.


- Lucas

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