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Unbootable initramfs in Testing?


It all started with hundreds of

udevd[325]: unable to receive ctrl connection: Function not implemented

at boot time.

System eventually allowed me to log in.

I thus made backup copies of my initrd.img and vmlinuz and re-run
elilo, thinking this could fix the udevd issue.

At reboot, I'm left with:

[   17.146492] Freeing unused kernel memory: 1024kB freed
Loading, please wait...

then nothing.

I thus tried Testing debian-installer CD-ROM. No go: it's not even
seen by EFI (only as [Treat as removable media]).
Debian 6.0.1a netinst CD-ROM is seen by EFI, can be booted, but
rescue/install fails early as cmd64x module (required to handle CD-ROM
drive on hp workstation zx6000) seems to still be missing from netinst

Fortunately, I still can boot with my backup copies of initrd.img and vmlinuz.

But what's going on?



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