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Re: FTBFS libidn 1.20 on ia64

On 3/1/11 3:21 PM, Simon Josefsson wrote:
Peter Chubb<peter.chubb@nicta.com.au>  writes:
It is the second assertion that is failing, which suggests the program
was able to read data out of /dev/null on the build host.

This program works on ia64 -- it completes with no output, and exits

I think your program does basically the same thing as the self-test.  So
the question is if it works in a build environment on the caballero
buildd.  Maybe the build environment sets up a non-standard /dev/null?

I think that this must be the problem.

I know that in some cases build programs that are run as root will do a rename-replace of their output file. If this output file happens to be /dev/null and the program is running as root it succeeds and replaces /dev/null with an actual file.

So I think it's very possible that a build environment has a messed-up /dev/null.

Zan Lynx

"Knowledge is Power.  Power Corrupts.  Study Hard.  Be Evil."

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