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ghc6 still fails to build on ia64

I've been trying to get ghc6 to build on ia64 for a while now.  The
last fully working version was 6.8.2.  I never got a 6.10.x compiler
to even build on ia64.  Now it looks like I'm closer to getting there
with the newest 6.12.1 compiler.

GHC only has native upstream support on i386 and amd64.  The other
architectures work via generating C code and compiling that.

I tried building the package on merulo and with various linker and CC
options and saw errors like "relocation truncated to fit" and "short
data segment overflowed".  I didn't keep the build logs and don't have
the exact error messages right now, but those can be reproduced in
some hours.

After some web searches, I ended up trying "-Wl,--relax -Wl,-G0 -G0"
and could build successfully with those, on merulo.  Unfortunately the
build still failed on buildds.  I tested the package on merulo by
using it to compile GHC itself (it's a self-hosting compiler) and that
went without a hitch so I was guessing that I do have a working
compiler.  But it still doesn't seem to work on the buildds.

I don't know where to look anymore.  I only have merulo to test this
stuff on and if I can't reproduce the problems on it, then I don't
know what to do.  Could someone else have a look at this?

I'd very much like to have ghc6 6.12.1 in squeeze, preferrably for
ia64 too.

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