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Re: maxima: debugging unaligned access

On 1/26/10 3:29 PM, Camm Maguire wrote:
Greetings, ad thanks for your helpful suggestions.  Having a bit of

All this is in merulo chroot sid with gcc 4.4 at -O2.

Outside gdb:

133/133 tests passed.
Running tests in rtest8: maxima(18072): unaligned access to 0x600000000412c8b8, ip=0x200000000051de70
Bus error

Inside gdb, the program does not stop at this point with a bus error,
but dies later due to memory corruption.

1)  Can I instruct gdb to stop at any such unaligned access?

I guessed:

(gdb) b *0x600000000412c8b8
Can't insert breakpoint for slot numbers greater than 2.

(gdb) b *0x600000000412c8b1
Breakpoint 3 at 0x600000000412c8b1

then reran, but gdb fell over:

The 0x6... addr is the data. You cannot execute data so you cannot breakpoint there (you could set a watchpoint though).

Use the 0x200000000051de70 addr instead.

Zan Lynx

"Knowledge is Power.  Power Corrupts.  Study Hard.  Be Evil."

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