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Re: Yorick FTBFS: DM needs access to ia64 machine

I said I wouldn't be fast and I wasn't. I have found that this
bug is not in yorick. The problem lies in the ia64 math
library. I am still unsure on how much detail I should have to submit
a bug report and whether to send it to glibc maintainers or debian.
I am quite sure this could not come from the kinds of changes
the debian distro makes; this is deep in the internals of the exp

Richard Harke

On Thursday 10 December 2009 03:12:46 am you wrote:
> Le 10 déc. 09 à 00:25, Richard E. Harke a écrit :
> > Has anyone picked this up?
> > I have an ia64 machine and could take a look at it. It probably
> > wouldn't be fast as I would need to get up to speed on yorick.
> >
> > Would I need to update my machine to current sid?
> > and where would I get the source deb. (unless it is the
> > current source for sid)
> Thank you,
> I guess the bug is there already in stable. It was uncovered because I
> ran checks at build time with the last upload, but must have been
> there for a long time.
> The bug report is there:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=560026
> Once you install Yorick, just run
> yorick -batch testfull.i
> If the bug is present, yorick should die with those last few lines:
> _____________
> Shock tracker timing test:
>                 Timing Category     CPU sec  System sec    Wall sec
>                   Time per pass       0.014       0.000       0.014
>                      Total time       0.280       0.000       0.283
> Escape factor timing test:
> ERROR (escout) mathlib function signals error
>    LINE: 251  FILE: /usr/lib/yorick/i/test2.i
> yorick: quitting on error in batch mode
> ______________
> Can you start by testing that?
> Best regards, Thibaut.

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