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make-kpkg remove CONFIG_KEXEC=y


This is my very first post, hope I registred to the right list. If not accept my apologies, and I will unsuscribe.

I got a fresh install on an itanium machine, latest debian 2.6.26-2.mckinley.

I then pull the kernel source code i.e apt-get install kernel-packages fakeroot etc...
then the src apt-get install linus-source-2.6.26

I then do the make-kpkg clean ; make menuconfig.

At this point I got no option to gen in KEXEC then only thing I could select is compile kernel with debug info (for KDUMP purpose later...)

So I thought I could setup CONFIG_KEXEC=y in the .config file but when I do
fakeroot make_kpkg --initrd kernel_image the CONFIG_EXEC=y is removed from my .config and then the generated kernel don't support kexec.

How could I proceed, should I install an 'unstable' my netdist install didn't poposed choice I just do netboot then install what I guess is the latest.

I need KEXEC as a first step, then I need to get KDUMP working.

Thanx in advance

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