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Re: Bug#507135: openoffice.org_1:3.0.0-5(ia64/experimental): FTBFS: dmake: Error code 139, while making 'LIGHT'

found 507135 1:2.4.1-12
tag 507135 + help

Philipp Kern wrote:
> > jar cfm ../unxlnga.pro/class/OOoRunnerLight.jar manifest -C ../unxlnga.pro/class util -C ../unxlnga.pro/class share -C ../unxlnga.pro/class stats -C ../unxlnga.pro/class lib -C ../unxlnga.pro/class complexlib -C ../unxlnga.pro/class helper -C ../unxlnga.pro/class basicrunner -C ../unxlnga.pro/class base -C ../unxlnga.pro/class org/openoffice -C ../unxlnga.pro/class convwatch
> > dmake:  Error code 139, while making 'LIGHT'

I can reproduce this also in a dist-upgraded chroot on merulo with -13.
Since OOo didn't change there I believe that's the environment which broke,
and this makes me think lenny might also be affected.

Intrerestingly, it does not fail in a "normal" environment, but only in the OOo
env (adapted LD_LIBRARY_PATH etc). [ gdb and bt is so useless that I'll just skip it ]

Anyone an idea? This happens *ONLY* on ia64, the rest built so far...


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