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Re: [Fwd: ia64 netinstboot image]

On Fri, Sep 05, 2008 at 02:25:31PM +0400, Paul A. Anokhin wrote:
> It seems like a half of this maillist traffic is generated by people
> mistakingly trying to use ia64 instead of x86-64 version. And I have
> to admit that compared to the rest of the internet this is pretty good
> error ratio :)
> Probably the ia64 port should be named something like "ipf" or
> "itanium" to avoid confusion. After all, ia64 is no longer the
> official name for the architecture AFAIK, and I think the change was
> caused by the same reason.

Renaming a port because of something like this isn't really an option
- a better answer, imo, would be to modify the ia64 cds to display a
splash screen on x86 hardware that explains the issue.

dann frazier

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