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Re: rx6600

On 4 Dec 2007, at 10:17 am, Mozzi wrote:

Heya all

I have a HP Invent rx6600 dual Itanium2 server here.
I seem to have a problem even booting a Linux cd from it properly, has anyone
got it installed on this beast?

The HP site has a lot of info on the Proliant servers but, not much on the
Should I use The HP Integrity Essentials Foundation Pack for Linux? it only
seems to support sles and rhel.

... although it's actually a Debian CD.   Or at least used to be.  :-)

You shouldn't have any trouble installing Debiab-ia64 on this machine; we run Debian on a number of rx4640 servers, which I imagine are fairly similar.

The usual gotcha with these machines is getting the EFI console device right so that you can see what's going on...


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