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Re: rx4640: Can't get any console output

On 13 Nov 2007, at 12:15 pm, Tim Cutts wrote:

Hi people,

Greetings chaps - I've lost access to the console on an HP rx4640, and was wondering whether any of you had any smart ideas?

I can reach the MP main menu through our terminal server, but if I try to connect to the console, I get nothing. When I try to boot the machine, I can see that it starts EFI, judging by the event logs:

SFW 0 1 0x3400020B00E00000 0000000000000006 EFI_LAUNCH_BOOT_MANAGER
SFW  0   0  0x1600031800E00000 0000000000000030 EFI_SEC_INIT
SFW  0   0  0x0A0002B900E00000 0000000000000015 EFI_POST_CODE
SFW  0   0  0x160015B200E00000 0000000091451016 BOOT_TIME_EVENT

but I can't actually see anything on the console, and the boot doesn't progress any further.

Anyone got any bright ideas? This all used to work, at some point in the dim and distant passed, but the machine's been steady as a rock for a couple of years, and it's only now when I needed to reboot it that the problem has surfaced...

OK, so plugging a physical VGA console allowed me to access the EFI, but EFI won't let me select the serial port as the active console device. I think this may because someone has now connected up the ethernet iLO port, so I should be able to get a console through that as well. Or am I missing something?

Anyway, the machine is now up, so panic over...


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