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Re: how to get a bootable install image?

> Hello folks,
>    For the past few days I've been trying to install 64 bit Etch on a
> Dell 1950 with quad core Xeon processors.  I've downloaded the DVD iso's
> from Ga. Tech's mirror twice.  Both times I get a message saying, "Bad
> PBR signature" and the machine stops.  I tried the second download on a
> different machine in case there was some corruption the first time.
>    So, I have several questions really.  First, I thought the AMD and ia
> 64 bit were supposed to merge.  What happened to that?  Or, should I be
> trying the AMD64 distros instead?  I've gotten Sarge AMD64 bit distro to
> work on Dell 1850s, with some head scratching, but I wanted to move up
> to Etch for this new hardware and application.  Where can I find a
> bootable 64 bit Etch install that will work for the Dell 1950?
>    Any suggestions are welcome.

Hey Bill,

IA64 is Itanium and AMD64 is Xeon/Opteron/em64t stuff.
You are posting in an itanium list about xeons, two TOTALLY
different archs.  If you are on a xeon system, use AMD64
cd/dvds.  This assumes you know how to download/check/
burn ISO's properly.  If cd/dvd's are ok then there must be a
hardware problem or the bios may need to be upgraded to the


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