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Re: theoretical a simple question... :)

No Core 2 Duo Processor is not an ia64 processor.
Itanuim is the only ia64 on the market at this time and only comes in
servers at this time.
the 32 bit normal version will work and so will the one for the
amd64(if you want 64 bit support)

On 3/14/07, Raphael Brunner <lilo-@gmx.ch> wrote:
Dear Users

I bought a new HP Notebook with a Core 2 Duo Processor. Now, I don't
know which one is the right debian-architecture for this system. Is the
ia64 the right? If so, google shows me a lot of messages because there
isn't the most software not yet written for 64bit systems? Is this
right? And if so, don't run this (32-bit) Applications not or only in
32bit mode? Else, I would prefer i386-Architecture, but with SMP or not?

Sorry this stupid questions, but I don't found the answers with google.

Many thanks for all ideas and help!

Have a nice evening.


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