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Registration Open for Gelato ICE: Itanium(r) Conference & Expo 2007

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On the eve of our fifth anniversary, the Gelato Federation announces the
opening of registration for the Gelato ICE: Itanium(r) Conference & Expo to
be held on April 15-18, 2007, in San Jose, California. 

Gelato ICE is dedicated specifically to Linux(r) on the Itanium architecture
and is sponsored by HP, Intel, and the Itanium(r) Solutions Alliance.
Presentation topics will cover: optimization, multi-core programming,
virtualization, compilers, and cutting-edge research.

There will be a heavy emphasis on Linux at this year's event. Gelato ICE
2007 will feature a new track focusing on IA-64 Linux Kernel work. Keynote
speakers will include: Wim Coekaerts, Senior Director for Linux Engineering
at Oracle, and Andrew Morton, Maintainer of the Linux 2.6 Kernel.

Visit <www.ice.gelato.org> for more information.


Nan Holda
Marketing Communications Manager
Gelato Federation
Community for 
Linux(r) on Itanium(r) Architecture
1308 W. Main St., Urbana, IL, USA 61801-2307
office: +
mobile: +1.217.417.6773
fax: +1.217.333.5579
email1: nan@gelato.org
email2: nanholda@gmail.com

Join us at the
Gelato ICE: Itanium(r) Conference & Expo
Date: April 15-18, 2007
Venue: San Jose, California, USA
Details at www.ice.gelato.org

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