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guile-1.8 doesn't work on ia64; likely lilypond regression

The latest version of guile, guile-1.8, does not work on ia64.  See
#401400 for more information.

Because lilypond depends on guile, this causes a problem for further
support for lilypond on ia64 in Debian.  The latest version of lilypond,
2.8, does not build against guile-1.6.8, and thus requires guile-1.8. 

Bug #401498 is my request to ftpmaster to remove the ia64 package for
lilypond since the current source cannot support this arch until
guile-1.8 works.

According to #401400, Rob Browning (Debian guile maintainer) has
forwarded relevant info to the upstream developers' list, but there
isn't any short-term progress likely yet there.  I'm not the guile
maintainer, so I can't offer any more information except what I read on
the lists, and this:

guile is based on the scm interpreter, and ia64 did not ever work
successfully on scm until the upstream scm maintainer (Aubrey Jaffer)
was asked by me to look into it.  He found an ia64 expert who could help
with the stack munging, and make scheme continuations work on ia64.
Given that the failure in building guile is in the unwind-protect test,
I would not at all be surprised if the same is true: that guile has
never really worked on ia64 (at least, continuations have not); and, I
would not at all be surprised in the work which make scm run on ia64
would not also help guile.  See bug #335980 for the addresses and an
intro to the solution for the scm problem.

However, it will still be a while before this actually gets into a guile
release, I would imagine, if it is not a red herring.  Hence this


PS: Please keep the bug addresses above on replies as appopriate; also,
I do not read debian-ia64 so if you want me to get a reply, keep me in
the list of recipients explicitly.

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