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Re: Urgent : megaraid and qla2300 modules not found


On Thursday 17 August 2006 21:13, De Leeuw Guy wrote:
> Hello,
> I have 2 days to install debian etch on our production server.
> I download the last daily build of the cdrom (release
> debian-testing-ia64-netinstall.iso 20060815).
> But missing the driver megaraid legacy and qla2300 on the cdrom
> It's my last chance to migrate our redhat to debian
> could you help me by building a new daily build iso with these 2 modules
> or minimum with the megaraid_legacy ?
> Thanks in advance
> guy

Slightly off topic for debian-testing.  You'll probably get a better 
response to this type of question on debian-user.  (I'm not subscribed to 
debian-ia64, so can't comment about that list).

On x86 the Etch kernel includes 


All these modules are also available in the installer.  

If you need other modules, you might want to build your own kernel.  Ask on 
debian-user for help rebuilding the kernel, and then on either debian-user 
or debian-boot for help incorporating the custom kernel into the .iso.  It 
might be simpler doing the install to a temporary IDE/USB disk, then 
building/installing the custom kernel, then copying the system to the real 

Good luck and HTH
Andrew V.

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