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Re: D-I Beta 3 - release update - please test

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A week since the planning was posted, time for an update.

Thanks to James, the upload of d-i was processed very quickly. Since then 
various, mostly minor issues have been identified and resolved.

We are now at the stage where final tests before the release can be done 
for all arches, so if you have some time, please run an installation on 
your favorite architecture(s).
Please file an installation report with your results, or, if you are a d-i 
team member, update [0] directly.

Beta 3 candidate images are available from the following locations:
Full CD and DVD images:
   links "weekly snapshot" images on [1]
Netinst and businesscard CD images:
   links to "daily built" images on [1]
   the "daily" images now point to the etch_d-i builds [2]
Images for other installation methods:

Known issues:
- S/390 Beta 3 candidate images are broken; will be fixed with next upload
- Lowmem settings in Beta 3 images are not yet correct; see below

On Monday 24 July 2006 11:52, Frans Pop wrote:
> One important TODO item is updates to debian-cd, especially for
> architectures that are dropping 2.4 support in d-i. If your
> architecture needs such changes, please contact me. Joey and Steve can
> probably help with the changes where needed.

As far as we know all needed updates in debian-cd have been made and 
successful builds for all types of CD images are now available. A fair 
amount of changes were needed, so please test CD-based installs.

> All this does mean that the current lowmem levels need serious review
> for all architectures. The good news is that memory requirement for a
> "bare" install (lowmem level 2) looks be hardly changed.

An updated lowmem was uploaded today and will be included in the final 
upload for Beta 3. The "level 1" limits have been increased substantially 
for all arches. For a few arches "level 2" limits have been adjusted as 
We will need to get back to this before the RC releases.

Release planning
We are mostly running according to schedule.

> 29    Jul  Last chance to upload udebs for inclusion in intrds
Last expected uploads (localechooser and lowmem) now done.
> 30    Jul  Testbuild of weekly images (using d-i images from unstable)
Images for all architectures are now available.

>  1    Aug  Final upload of d-i images
There is one issue that will probably delay the final upload of d-i 
images. A new upstream version of directfb was uploaded recently which 
FTBFS on powerpc. This breaks builds of d-i on arches which support the 
graphical installer. Hopefully this will be resolved soon.

>  2- 5 Aug  Testing
This can already start now.

>  2    Aug  Last chance to upload udebs not included in initrds
>  4- 6 Aug  Preparation of release notes, errata, etc.
>  5    Aug  Migration of d-i to testing
>  6    Aug  CD builds
>  7    Aug  Release
Will slip too depending on when the issue mentioned above is resolved.


[0] installer/doc/devel/release-checklist
[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/debian-installer/
[2] If you need to test sid_d-i images (using daily built d-i images), use

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