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Manual m68k, ia64, and s390 builds of iroffer_1.4.b03-2

Hi fellow porters,

My package is the victim of Packages-arch-specific abuse, it only
auto-builds on alpha, i386, powerpc, and sparc. The other architectures
are never built.

The upload has been made with an amd64 build by Julien Blache to prove
that my package is buildable elsewhere as Christoph Berg suggested.

Aurélien Jarno has done arm, hppa, mips, and mipsel builds and has
uploaded them.

That leaves me with m68k, ia64, and s390.

Can a porter build the package and upload it?

 .''`.   Aurélien GÉRÔME
: :'  :  
`. `'`   Free Software Developer
  `-     Unix Sys & Net Admin

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