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Re: dropping CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT from ia64

Luck, Tony wrote:
> Cc: list pruned to stop annoying the innocent bystanders ...
>>> I've been thinking of dropping CONFIG_IA32_SUPPORT completely from ia64.
>>> I've heard no complaints that new syscalls are not being added to the
>>> ia32 compat side ... which is an indication that people are not
>>> actively using this.
>> Or maybe the people using ia32 compatibility are just running big
>> apps like Firefox or Open Office that are non-trivial to build for
>> ia64, but may not care as much about shiny new syscalls.
> Firefox has been ported ... it came as a native ia64 binary
> rpm on the last OSD install disk that I put on my workstation.
> Dunno about Open office though.

Native port of Open Office is supposed to be very hard because the
UNO bridge code is specific to each architecture.
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